Friday, May 20, 2011

Spotlight Review on JetSuite

Of all the new players in the constant-changing world of air charter, an operator by the name of JetSuite seems to have put together a product offering that is truly innovative and ground-breaking. Sure, other companies have made claims about making air charter more affordable, but at $999 one way on some flights for the entire airplane, JetSuite definitely appears to be "walking the walk". If that weren't enough, one can also take advantage of last minute empty leg flights offered by the company for as low as $499. This is all happening in the context of an economy that continues to struggle. One has to wonder if this type of business model will be sustainable. (That's another way of saying, better get while the getting is good!)

Surprisingly, the keys to JetSuite's apparent success seem very straightforward - use of a modern fleet (Embraer's Phenom 100), a limited service area (US West Coast) and smart marketing and promotion. Still, espousing a strategy and successfully executing it are two different things. This company is definitely worth a closer look.

One of JetSuite's Phenom 100s - gotta like that red stripe!