Monday, September 16, 2013

WTA Awards - ElJet Grabs Private Jet Charter Company Title From NetJets

As reported in June, ElJet is an air charter service operator that has seemingly found an excellent balance between luxury and affordability.  Even better, the prestigious international World Travel Awards just awarded the Los Angeles-based company the 2013 winners spot in the “Leading  Private Jet Charter Company in North America” category.  The purpose of these awards is to recognize the best travel organizations in the world through a global industrial vote, which is equivalent to the Oscars in the travel industry.  For the most recent awards, nearly 650,000 professionals in 191 countries in the tourism sector voted.

Launched in 2006, ElJet has a distinguished history of awards, accolades, growth and achievement.  This includes being a two-time winner of the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America and a 2012 Nominee for the WTA’s Leading  Private Jet Charter Company in North America Award.  With their most recent award, ElJet can now boast that they just displaced a highly-respected company and brand (NetJets) that, besides being a major force within the private aviation industry, is part of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway business empire.  These types of "David versus Goliath" stories never seem to get old.

Great web site, great choice for air charter services.

"On Wall Street they say “you can’t fight the tape” and the “trend is your friend.”  There is no doubt that the charter consumer today is more educated and smarter with their travel dollars than ever before.  With recent noteworthy fractional companies making negative headlines, we are happy to be on the winning side of this positive trend.  It is with great pride that we receive this important award granted by World Travel Awards, since this is a recognition of the daily work we perform in order to provide a world class Travel Experience to our clients, says Levi Lieder, COO at ElJet. 

Friday, September 6, 2013

PlaneSense Proudly Takes Delivery of Their 49th Pilatus PC-12

As already reported, building a long-term (and profitable) fractional aircraft ownership company is anything but a sure thing. In spite of this, one company called PlaneSense has continued to thrive. In fact, the company just hit a very important milestone by taking delivery of their 49th PC-12. (Is anyone else noticing a correlation between the Pilatus PC-12 aircraft and promising/successful businesses?) Founded in 1995 and launched in 1996, PlaneSense hass clearly doing some very good things for both their customers and shareholders.

Company founder and CEO George Antoniadis made the big announcement last month at PlaneSense headquarters in Portsmith, N.H. With aircraft replacements and retirements through the years, the company's current fleet has 30 of the single-engine turboprops, each with an average age of five years. PlaneSense now has roughly 300 owners and aircraft usage in July was up by 20 percent over July of last year. The company's fleet have now made 200K+ flights since it began operations, making it the largest civilian operator of the PC-12. PlaneSense is clearly firing on all cylinders.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

All Signs Point to Success for Surf Air

Surf Air, the "all-you-can-fly" airline that is looking to revolutionize private air travel, took to the skies last June and all indications are that the launch met or greatly exceeded everyone's expectations.  Company Founder and CEO Wade Eyerly was interviewed by CNBC regarding the important milestone and he seemed confident that Surf Air will do for the airline industry what Netflix has done for the movie industry. (OK, that's great Wade but $1,650 is still a little bit more than $7.99 per month.)

Of course where would any entrepreneur (and their related disruptive business plan) be without a few naysayers?  Former Continental CEO, Gordon Bethune, is among the list of skeptics who is questioning the wisdom of Surf Air's monthly subscription business model.  In fact, he even used the P.T. Barnum "sucker" reference to make his point.  Ouch.  In spite of critics like Gordon, all signs continue to point to the company being successful.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Stratos Jet Charters Focuses on Long-Term Client Relationships

Stratos Jet Charters web site makes the jet booking process easy.
A private jet booking service company by the name of Stratos Jet Charters is all about building long-term client relationships.  Per the company's web site, "client relationships are born of good experiences, not long-term contracts".  Those are some solid words to live by. Given their strong client focus, is it any wonder that Stratos Jet Charters is considered one of the air charter industry leaders?

Stratos Jet Charters' stated mission is to provide an air charter service that educates and helps clients make the most informed buying decisions.  And, let's face it, with all the money being spent on such a large transaction, it pays to put your trust in an air charter company that is really doing their homework for you.  In addition to their education resources, Stratos Jet Charters takes pride in providing their clients with fair pricing and honest advice.  By always putting the customer first and continually representing their best interest, Stratos Jet Charters has built a solid list of clientele to include a number of high profile individuals.

How about letting Stratos Jet Charters reserve this beauty for your next adventure?
In terms of all the "must have" resources air charter companies should offer, Stratos Jet Charters offers some great tools and related resources to help ensure their clients always choose the right aircraft for their intended mission.  Their Jet Charter Airport Directory is an especially useful resource.  (Sure, this information is available on other web sites but it's nice to have it readily available when you are planning your next trip via private jet.)  The company also offers a wide array of One-Way Jet Charters that can provide clients with deep discounts over a traditional charter flight.  If all that's not enough of a reason to book your next air charter flight with Stratos Jet Charters, here are a few other very solid reasons...

Monday, June 3, 2013

ElJet Offering Sizzling Summer Specials

ElJet's Homepage - Easy to use, valuable tools and great deals!
There is a lot of noise in the Air Charter sector - particularly when it comes to special package deals - but a company by the name of ElJet is looking to deliver some real value via their recently announced "Sizzling Summer Specials." Even better, ElJet is one of the very few air charter service operators that is making the cost of private jet travel more affordable without compromising luxury, safety or quality. Talk is cheap in the air charter world, but this company seems to be doing a very nice job of delivering.

ElJet's recently-announced "Red-Hot" pricing deals will allow businesses and individuals looking for a summer escape to travel between Los Angeles and Las Vegas for prices starting at just $3,499. So, for about the same price as a few first class tickets, you, your friends and associates can fly in quiet and relaxed luxury, just like a rock icon or Hollywood movie star. ElJet has clearly raised the bar on private luxury travel by providing five-star services at palatable prices. And, if Vegas is not your style this summer (BTW, how could that be??), ElJet offers a number of other great travel alternatives.

Those long security lines at the airport, not to mention the privacy concerns, make personalized flying with ElJet a very enjoyable experience. It starts with the moment you pull up to *your* waiting jet followed by the personalized flowers and dinner options, to include any other trip amenity somebody may want. No request is beyond the limits of the company's personalized concierge services.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Embraer Forecasts 2013 Delivery Rise

Embraer Legacy 500
Embraer is sticking to plans to ramp up business jet deliveries gradually in 2013 to between 105 and 120, including first deliveries of the Legacy 500. The delivery outlook released by the Brazilian manufacturer on 5 February predicts that 2013 will mark a minor turn-around for the business jet division.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Air Charter Broker CharterBox Trying to Make ‘Name Your Price’ a Reality

No matter what, William Shatner will always be the man!
An aircraft charter broker by the name of CharterBox is bringing the “name your price” concept to the air charter market through a real-time marketplace that matches buyers and sellers of air charter flights. While the concept is not new - many have already tried this idea within the air charter space and failed - CharterBox seems to be taking all the necessary steps to position themselves for success. So, does the company has what it takes to ultimately be a household name like Priceline?