Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hypermach Supersonic BizJet to be Larger and Speed Boosted to Mach 4.5

A company by the name of HyperMach Aerospace recently announced a major new configuration for their SonicStar supersonic business jet. Range on the aircraft has now been increased to more than 6,500 nautical miles and, more importantly, the aircraft’s top speed has been upped by more than 10 percent, to Mach 4.5. Considering the Concorde had a top speed of about Mach 2, that would obviously be a huge increase.

The new version of the supersonic business jet would seat up to 32 passengers and feature a V-tail with swooped delta wings.Work has also started on the 65,000-pound-thrust (!!!) H-Magjet 4400 hybrid turbofan ramjet engines, which are being developed (but not manufactured) by a sister company company SonicBlue Aerospace.

For a cool $180 million, this supersonic BizJet could be yours!
The engine company (and HyperMach's) CEO Richard Lugg was quoted as saying “The first engine stage produces more than 10 megawatts of power, driving the electromagnetic compressor and bypass fans. There are four turbine stages in H-Magjet, all producing multi-megawatts of power.” According to Lugg, such power generation is key to the electromagnetically induced plasma wave technology that “absorbs” pressure waves. Such waves are expected to minimize or eliminate the business jet's sonic boom.

HyperMach expects to unveil a full-scale engine mockup next year probably at the Dubai Airshow. The redesign has pushed estimated first flight out to 2022, but certification and entry into service are still expected in 2025. HyperMach plans to start taking orders for the $180 million SonicStar business jet some time next year.

Source: AIN Online


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