Monday, June 3, 2013

ElJet Offering Sizzling Summer Specials

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There is a lot of noise in the Air Charter sector - particularly when it comes to special package deals - but a company by the name of ElJet is looking to deliver some real value via their recently announced "Sizzling Summer Specials." Even better, ElJet is one of the very few air charter service operators that is making the cost of private jet travel more affordable without compromising luxury, safety or quality. Talk is cheap in the air charter world, but this company seems to be doing a very nice job of delivering.

ElJet's recently-announced "Red-Hot" pricing deals will allow businesses and individuals looking for a summer escape to travel between Los Angeles and Las Vegas for prices starting at just $3,499. So, for about the same price as a few first class tickets, you, your friends and associates can fly in quiet and relaxed luxury, just like a rock icon or Hollywood movie star. ElJet has clearly raised the bar on private luxury travel by providing five-star services at palatable prices. And, if Vegas is not your style this summer (BTW, how could that be??), ElJet offers a number of other great travel alternatives.

Those long security lines at the airport, not to mention the privacy concerns, make personalized flying with ElJet a very enjoyable experience. It starts with the moment you pull up to *your* waiting jet followed by the personalized flowers and dinner options, to include any other trip amenity somebody may want. No request is beyond the limits of the company's personalized concierge services.