Monday, September 16, 2013

WTA Awards - ElJet Grabs Private Jet Charter Company Title From NetJets

As reported in June, ElJet is an air charter service operator that has seemingly found an excellent balance between luxury and affordability.  Even better, the prestigious international World Travel Awards just awarded the Los Angeles-based company the 2013 winners spot in the “Leading  Private Jet Charter Company in North America” category.  The purpose of these awards is to recognize the best travel organizations in the world through a global industrial vote, which is equivalent to the Oscars in the travel industry.  For the most recent awards, nearly 650,000 professionals in 191 countries in the tourism sector voted.

Launched in 2006, ElJet has a distinguished history of awards, accolades, growth and achievement.  This includes being a two-time winner of the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America and a 2012 Nominee for the WTA’s Leading  Private Jet Charter Company in North America Award.  With their most recent award, ElJet can now boast that they just displaced a highly-respected company and brand (NetJets) that, besides being a major force within the private aviation industry, is part of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway business empire.  These types of "David versus Goliath" stories never seem to get old.

Great web site, great choice for air charter services.

"On Wall Street they say “you can’t fight the tape” and the “trend is your friend.”  There is no doubt that the charter consumer today is more educated and smarter with their travel dollars than ever before.  With recent noteworthy fractional companies making negative headlines, we are happy to be on the winning side of this positive trend.  It is with great pride that we receive this important award granted by World Travel Awards, since this is a recognition of the daily work we perform in order to provide a world class Travel Experience to our clients, says Levi Lieder, COO at ElJet. 

ElJet is a leading worldwide private jet charter service provider whose clients include Fortune 500 companies, international royalty, famous celebrities, professional athletes and notable business professionals and families.  The company has earned a solid reputation as continuing to excel with key industry benchmarks such as safety, reliability, honesty, ethics and fair pricing.  It is clear that ElJet is doing a great job with air charter "influencers" and, as such, should continue to grow and win accolades for many years to come.  Additional information on the company and its service offering can be obtained by calling (888) 355-3538.


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