Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Guy with the Dragon Tattoo

OK, it is not really a tattoo, but Jackie Chan just got a brand new Legacy 650 private jet from Embraer with dragons emblazoned all over the airplane. Seriously? Having a sleek, new, state-of-the-art executive jet that can go roughly 4,000 miles on one tank of gas should be cool enough, but dragons? Jackie has always been THE MAN but he has just taken things to a whole new level...

Imagine flying this to the next Super Bowl!
The best part of the story is that Jackie was given the $30 million dollar airplane from the manufacturer in exchange for him promoting the Embraer brand in China and other global markets. So, there you have it - the action superstar turned private jet ambassador will now be using his charm to sell private jets for the world's third largest commercial aircraft manufacturer. (Boeing is still the largest with Airbus holding the number two spot.)

Why is this man smiling?
"This delivery is a moment of historical importance to Embraer because it solidifies an already long and successful relationship between China and Embraer," said Ernest Edwards, president of Embraer's Executive Jets unit.
By most accounts, this was a great move by Embraer - a company that is looking to dominate the private jet market, from entry-level to ultra-large aircraft. Hey, if I had $30 million collecting dust, I would certainly buy a Legacy 650. I mean, who could resist the charisma of such a huge cultural icon? If Jackie's pitch does not work, just make sure the prospect sees the tail of his sweet new ride. Talk about a closer!

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