Thursday, May 24, 2012

Greenjets Offering 40% Off Service

As noted in a previous post regarding PSOD operators, Greenjets is one of the major players that has been doing well with the often-elusive (profitable) business model of selling seats on private jets.

Just recently, getting access to the Greenjets fleet of brokered aircraft became even easier. New clients to the company can now fly on private jets for as little $2,000 - or up to 40% off their standard retail pricing - with special introductory pricing currently being offered by the company.

Greenjets offers guaranteed private jet seat availability at affordable retail pricing, but the best overall value is provided via their Greenjetcard membership. There are numerous membership options which can be tailored per each customer's requirements.

The Greenjets private jet seat service network includes New York, South Florida, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and Las Vegas, with additional major U.S. markets being added this year.

The company is able to make this introductory offer because their client base has reached a critical mass; thus, via economies of scale, Greenjets is now able to offer even larger savings to their existing base of customers.

In addition to (relatively) affordable offerings, Greenjets has an easy reservation process with electronic booking as well as a live travel concierge services. Plus, unlike other jet card programs, Greenjets does not require their clients to deposit funds on account. Flights are provided by a large network of ARG/US safety-rated operators that operate a multitude of business aircraft.

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