Sunday, December 9, 2012

Update Review on Surf Air

Surf Air (formerly known as PlaneRed and previously reviewed herein), seems to be on to something really big. The newly-conceived, "all-you-can-fly", unique membership-based airline recently kick-started their company when they announced a key round of funding from multiple sources including Anthem Venture Partners, NEA, and, among others, actor Jared Leto. Generally speaking, smart money tends to follow great ideas; so, Surf Air will no-doubt be successful. Of course, it does not hurt that the company is based in the California Bay Area. The area is flush in great ideas, cutting edge technology, lots of seed capital and is ultimately and great backdrop for the company's above home page image.

With new cash now in hand, Surf Air is doing a lot of things right as they get ready to launch their new service...

Peruse the company's FAQ, and it is clear that Surf Air is addressing many of the common concerns of commercial airline travel. And, not just the overall hassle of flying the airlines - the related loss of valuable business traveler time. After all, what's your time worth?

The air charter/quasi-airline will be basing their service on the highly-successful and efficient Pilatus PC-12. So long as customers are OK with a single-engine turboprop - there is no reason not to be - then everyone should flock to this new service, especially given Surf Air's convenient departure and arrival locations. (Silicon Valley is going to love Palo Alto.)

Per the company's web site, key selling points are as follows: 

Simplified flying
  • No hassle, no lines and no fees
  • Unlimited flights (up to six reservations at a time)
  • Book in under 30-seconds
  • Convenient and accessible local airports
Enhanced experience
  • First-class luxury in executive aircraft
  • On-site, personal concierge service
  • Exclusive community of air travelers
  • Complimentary guest passes
  • Special offers from Surf Air partners

Will new funding, a refreshing business model and an over-abundance of industry buzz translate into mega success for Surf Air? Good press and exposure via articles like this certainly can not hurt. It also helps that folks like JetSuite are showing that it is possible to make money and grow in the air charter industry. Ample cash, seasoned/experienced management, a standardized and modern aircraft fleet, exceptional marketing and logistical brilliance. like we see with JetSuite, will ultimately be the keys to Surf Air flourishing. And, of course there is always that little detail known as business execution. We remain hopeful that this company will indeed be very successful.

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