Sunday, January 13, 2013

Air Charter Broker CharterBox Trying to Make ‘Name Your Price’ a Reality

No matter what, William Shatner will always be the man!
An aircraft charter broker by the name of CharterBox is bringing the “name your price” concept to the air charter market through a real-time marketplace that matches buyers and sellers of air charter flights. While the concept is not new - many have already tried this idea within the air charter space and failed - CharterBox seems to be taking all the necessary steps to position themselves for success. So, does the company has what it takes to ultimately be a household name like Priceline?

CharterBox say that its model will help air charter operators supplement their traditional retail charter business by "optimizing the transient movement of their aircraft". (On the surface, this sounds a lot like a traditional "empty leg" service but the company's web site and related industry press seems to paint a much bigger picture.) Pus, CharterBox only uses operators that are Argus Gold or better and/or Wyvern Wingman compliant. This is always a good thing.

Peruse any popular online business aviation news site, and sooner or later an ad for CharterBox will appear.If nothing else, the company is making a hefty investment is driving traffic (and hopefully) new customers to their web site. CharterBox is making a similar effort to obtain more FAA-approved air charter operators. More flight inventory plus a solid business model and site traffic is certainly a good start for this new air charter broker service.


  1. I hope this company succeeds- it would be great to have an online resource like priceline for finding the right jet charter service.

  2. I really like that their business model is based on "real time". Surely a sale is better than no sale? - for an operator.
    If an aircraft is in a designated charter demand zone, and it isn't already booked - why shouldn't it be charged out at competitive rates.

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